Free Ebook of Poetry: Embracing by DD Wright



  I am giving away 5 more copies of my second book of poetry: Embracing: A Poetic Perspective. I ask for only one thing in return which is a book review before or no later than August 30th. If you are interested in reading poetry, I am confident that you will enjoy reading Embracing.
  To receive your copy, please leave your email in the comments section. I will not approve it being published as to not compromise your privacy. If this is not an offer you are interested in but you don’t mind reblogging this post, I would appreciate that too. Below is a description Embracing. Thank you for your support in advance.
DD Wright

Embracing, will touch the hearts and intellects of those who had to accept life, on life’s terms, despite how comfortable or challenging, it is. Through poetic devices, different forms of poetry as well as with a candid “voice”, Embracing expresses the true spirit of observation and endurance. Whether it is falling in love or simply listening to rain drops fall, the poetry captivated in these pages will inspire, encourage and conceive an appreciation for the moments that develop character. Higher Life: demonstrates the journey of the mind as well as the many outcomes that it impacts. Loving True: expresses different forms of love from passion to family and perhaps the most important, love of self.Thinking Abroad: communicates thoughts, intellect and the power of the mind.Embracing: A Poetic Perspective will encourage readers to see different perspectives, appreciatre both the joys and pains that life encompass as well as inspire.


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