March on Washington (A Poetic Observation)

Boarding a bus in the dark.  Destination Washington DC is in itself a connection to history.
May God have mercy on us all celebrating the March on Washington which took place in 1963,
50 years later we must still fight for civil liberties
and we are ready
to march.
Dr. King’s dream was so profound and poignant yet it seems  unfound. Today we search for it as the bus lights dim.
We are simultaneously excited and grim,
hearing echoes of Freedom Riders who 50 years ago
sang out in fear.
We pray for peace and safety to, while and fro.
Men, women and children embrace the pain of color,
anger derived from injustice,
threats of unemployment,
wounded soldiers of war
and recall Lynch’s theory of
broken families in 2013.
When will America accept and respect our shades?
Why Lord, why have these issues not changed?
We march.
Historical black colleges, fraternities,  sororities
and some from 1963,
unions, folks hustlin t shirts, churches and those with
visions and dreams.
Elders marched today in wheelchairs you see,
to memorialize a history that
has leaked into our communities today.
We march.
The need for feet on the concrete fully justified
the blood of our predecessors bring the words back to life
Singing, “still somehow I believe we always survive.”
Optimistic enough to believe our March will make a difference
for our future seeds.
August 24th 2013,
we marched in Washington DC remembering the anniversary of the dream.
Whether absent or present,
can you get on your knees?
Pray that there will not be a need for a March on Washington Part 3?
Ask God to allow us to celebrate our dreams being a REAL reality?
Pray that we don’t have to witness another Emitt, Sean, Trayvon or Ramarley?
Please pray with me.
Amen…-DD Wright





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