is the kiss
that leaves inspire
as they swirl around
feet with no direction, a
reminder that life still exists.

To look up at the sky,
with arms open wide,
illuminated by the light that
even at night.
She smiles effortlessly.

Melody of laughter
innocently tickles the
heart. Overcoming
the naysayers,
she grows.
Her parents stare
at the God in her soul.
One day, she will be
grown but presently
personified joy.
Miracles occur in her
boisterous tone.
Her tone is her.

Keeping with values,
no dancing allowed
unless music moves.
She stands still.
Weakened by chance,
strength endures.
None of us are
built to break.
The cross is carried
by her and Him
who carried His alone.
Judgment of them all
belongs to
only. – DD Wright

(Art work not mine)

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