Shade by DD Wright


She protects him with her maternal instinct
although, his manly stature represents that He
protects her.
Tall & petite,
Chihuahua & Rottweiler
they give each other shade,
when it gets hot.
Cool she is not, he is,
she becomes.
It is the way that two become one
that illustrates
what many have attempted
to castrate.
True soulmates.
Neither him nor her are
him and her.
They represent US.

Knocked her & rocked her,
this world, too wide open
to shade her or engage her,
she protects hers.
Take her as she is or….
U know the rest,
at best, her pen
compensates her Twin.
That chic is unforgettable,
throwing shade to those
who try to forget her,
turning sunmer August days
into winter,
no one knows the depth
of her stare.
Not too many can get too close &
those who do she loves the most
but never foolishly.
She keeps her umbrella
ready for the rain,
not many can stand the brigade,
ready for heated debates,
her passion is retro, verbal shade,
like air, she will envelop your space,
if U rob her of her shade.
It keeps her warm at night.

He throws shade like a b-ball,
enticing U to make love on call &
when U fall,
the closeness extends down a hall,
that only an athlete can conquer.
His story reflects, what many
want to forget but could never.
Self made shade.
Moving sideways with a mission,
never incomplete,
U see, he uses shade to
defend his privacy.
Not too many can get too close &
those who do are the ones that he
loves the most yet
shades himself to protect her.
Get it?
Penetrated this world silently,
gave his all to his family &
they are shaded, best believe.
Shades his sorrow,
never leaves his hollow
shell, it is too deep.
His shade his honor,
feel me?
Do U comprehend shade
Metaphorically speaking,
shade shades vacancies
Undig that beautiful tragedy…-DD Wright



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