Networking Opportunity

  If you are an author, writer, poet or reader of beautiful words and are in the NYC area, this coming Saturday, please stop by the Poetry 2Life Celebration.     There will be many artists there, including the ones who will be performing their poems who would love to meet you. Bring your business cards to leave an impression. Drop a card in the basket marked “Networking” to have a chance at winning “Embracing: A Poetic Perspective”, D.D. Wright’s second book of poetry (ebook version).
  After spending this past year, promoting Poetry 2Life: Youth. Struggle. Love., I realize the importance of supporting one another. If it was not for the support and opportunities offered to me by those who know this industry, I would not have been able to navigate these waters. I am hoping to provide a venue where we can all network and support each other. If it was not for us embracing one another, our gifts would seize to exist.
I truly hope to see you there!



Please reblog if this is interesting to those who follow you. Forward the email. Bring a friend with you if you are interested. Word of mouth remains more powerful than any social network. Be blessed. 


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