Unwilling by DD Wright


I don’t have to…
kiss U there or
whisper sweet nothings
in your ear or
boost your ego
simply because I
used to love U.
That vacancy has been filled,
the sentiment distilled &
I simply don’t -want-U…
No need to cry tears or
talk to me about the years
that U plan to make up for.
Epic fail, my reservations
would never allow me to adore
The wisdom obtained came with
splinters & regurgitation,
penetrated my imagination
annnnnnnd without hesitation,
I can say without losing my sophistication,
all the way to the LEFT &
enjoy that humble pie quietly.
It isn’t my new Boo,
because he is NOT new &
if U had been listening when
I had a tear to shed,
U would have knew,
that I was loved way before U
& I decided to confuse
that definition.
Never sh*t on a Chic
who is unforgettable &
makes dreams come true &
knows while looking up at blue skies,
that the real one is on his way.
Big, got damn mistake.
Bet U know that now.
Go ahead. Take a bow.
Then remove yourself
like Santa Claus, leave my presence.
I have a future so bright,
U have not enough insight
to even peak into.
It is the God in me that allows
me to pray for those who prey
on what is assumed to be
he sees the beauty that I see &
U are just simply
Rest in peace. – DD Wright


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