The Gifted Poets of This Eve


Good Morning Bloggers & Readers,
  The Poetry 2Life Celebration will take place this afternoon. (See picture below for details.) There will be poets speaking their words on stage as they bring THEIR “poetry to life”. Each one is gifted in more than the art of writing. True artists, they are looking forward to performing. I am also excited to share the stage with each of them. Please read about each of them on my Instagram page @poetry2life.


  If you are an artist/writer/reader and  looking for a fun, FREE event this evening,  please attend. Bring your business cards to give away as well as to receive my second collection of poetry (ebook) Embracing: A Poetic Perspective.
  Drinks will be available for purchase at happy hour prices. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase to win my an autographed, hard cover copy of my first book of poetry, Poetry 2Life. Youth. Struggle. Love. as well as an Amazon gift card. Soft cover copies of Poetry 2Life as well as poetry calendars will also be available for a reduced price.
  You will enjoy the positive vibes, humble spirits and a free cupcake as well lol! I truly hope to see you there. It is going to be a memorable evening. Please be blessed.
D.D. Wright


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