Poetry 2Life Celebration!

Great Morning Bloggers & Readers,
  The Poetry 2Life Celebration was an amazing event! Artists slammed their poetry with love, passion and talent.
  Spectators enjoyed the ambience and music during the networking hour. Once the slam began, artists stepped on stage with full attention from the audience. Abdul of YellowTapeInc secured the venue, promoted the event and was the MC. Comical, humble and an artist himself, he engaged the audience as he made each poet feel comfortable as they approached the stage.
  It was a night to remember! Stay tuned for details regarding upcoming events, open mics and networking opportunities. You will not want to miss the next one. If anyone is interested in slamming &/or networking for the sake of promotions, please contact me via my website (link below). Please fill out the form and I will reply. As an author, teacher and poet, I truly believe in supporting other artists. I look forward to further communication. Thank you for your support and time.
D.D. Wright


D.D. Wright, author of Poetry 2Life: Youth. Struggle. Love. & Embracing: A Poetic Perspective.


Tiff, Crys’tal, Syb & D.D. Wright, all poets who slammed at Poetry 2Life Celebration.


Theo & Poet Jae (Instagram @zuri25), poets who slammed intense poetry at the Poetry 2Life Celebration.


Empress, sitting beside Candy Mojica, artist who created all art work in Poetry 2Life: Youth. Struggle. Love. Follow her on Instagram @njoyl1fe.


Rick (Instagram @rhcomedy), Gypsy Rose & La Sciencia (Instagram @lasciencia) at Poetry 2Life Celebration. Each of them are diverse and animated.


Rashida also known as The Luvlii 1 and her cousin. She was on time to perform her piece called, “Fist Pump”. Follow her blog and on Instagram @thee_luvlii1.


All of the poets who participated! Please follow them on their networks, support the gifts that they were blessed with.


MC of Poetry 2Life Celebration & CEO of YellowTapeInc, Abdullah. Follow him on Instagram @yellowtapedula for information regarding upcoming events, all highlighting artists.


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