Introducing “Poetic Soul ” Talk Show

Greetings Fellow Bloggers,

  Please join me as I have started a show that is dedicated to poetry and writers of this beautiful form of expression. “Poetic Soul ” Talk Show is an engaging source of both entertainment as well as inspiration for those who love to write poetry as well as those who love to read poems.
  Audience members are welcome to either log in or call in to listen or comment. Gain valuable resources to improve your craft and promote yourself as a writer. “Poetic Soul ” is for all of us as we need our voices to be heard and a platform to tickle our intellectual fancies.
  Please tune in every week on Thursdays at 9pm EST! For opportunities to be a guest, promote your business through very inexpensive promotions or to learn more, please leave a comment below. As with every productive venture, word of mouth is imperative. Feel free to repost this so that we may inspire a larger audience. Follow the show to hear past live recordings as well as to view uodates regarding Poetic Soul.
   I do look forward to hearing your voice soon!

DD Wright



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