Fist Pump

Hello Bloggers and Followers,
  If you tuned in to “Fist Pump” on Poetic Soul last night, I would like to thank you personally! I do hope you enjoyed yourself and the extra inspirational aura that seemed to resonate throughout the show. Please remember to tune in next week for “Female-ism”. Poetic Soul will be on tje air every Thursday at 9pm EST. And yes men are welcome too lol.
  If you did not have a chance to listen in, please feel free to listen to it here:
The show is growing! There is a need for us poets to share our voices and to keep expression alive. I am not only speaking of amendments. I am speaking of a platform for the intellects of the world. We still exist 😉
  Please follow Poetic Soul Talk Show as well. Feel free to leave a message on the blogtalkradio website if you would like to be a guest.
  If you are interested in supporting this absolutely amazing concept of giving artists a place to share their gifts, feel free to make a “love donation” of any (& I mean any) denomination to ddpoetry on PayPal. All monies will go towards keeping Poetic Soul alive.
  Thank you in advance for your time and support. We (the artists) are truly grateful. 

DD Wright


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