VN Episode 1: Writing Process Blog Hop

This is a phenomenal blog post! Please check out and follow his blog for other resources. No worries. You can thank me later 🙂

Virtual Napkins

ScreenshotI’ve wanted to expand the Virtual Napkins universe into the video realm for quite some time. I set up the YouTube account a while ago, and I’ve been following along with the Vlog adventures of fellow-writer Nicole in a Nut Shell for a while in preparation.

So this week, when Amy from Créatrice Mondial invited me to participate in a blog hop about the writing process, I thought, “Here is your opportunity to launch the video element of Virtual Napkins!” (Read about Amy’s process here.)

And launch it, I have! Also, even though I’ve responded in video form, I have included a text response to the blog hop below as well as more information on the two bloggers taking the torch from me.

So without much more delay, I would like to introduce Episode 1 of the Virtual Napkins Web Series:

As promised, I wanted to remain true to…

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