Inexpensive Book Promos


Hello WordPress Bloggers & Followers,
  Promoting books or any services, for that matter, is very difficult. It is either  expensive or time consuming, both of which many of us do not have. However, we find a way.
  If you are an independent author, I understand that struggle considering I have and still do face it. If you would like your name, the title of your book and a summary of it promoted on my talk show, Poetic Soul , it will be exposed to a larger audience of actual READERS.
   You can send me an mp3 file that will be played on the show, text that can be read out loud or you can call in and discuss it yourself. All that I am asking for is a $5 promotion made to on PayPal, which will be donated to maintaining Poetic Soul as a platform for poets and writers, to share their voice. 
  If you are interested, please email me to secure your promo at poeticsoultalkshow at gmail dot com.  Spread the word by reblogging this or forwarding to those that you know may need an affordable promotional service.

Thank you and do hope to hear from you soon.
-DD Wright
(Author of Poetry 2Life : Youth. Struggle. Love. )


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