I Love You Brother

I guess I don’t have to,
cry, march, feel
the pain.
If I saw my brothers the way
some saw each other,
would it save me from becoming
Some SAY it’s not about race or
the place where we want to race
when grace
has turned into shame.
How many times must we watch
the news report another name,
in vain?
What the F**K is going on?
Where is the shame?
Why are we immune to
murder & blood shed?
This sh*t is NOT…A…GAME!
And the audacity of those
ignorant ENOUGH to approach me
with deceit that they have been fed?
F outta my face because until you have walked around with a
black man, in love with his potential,
knowing his skin is reason alone to rob of him of his credentials,
laying with the fear
of a possible soon to be corpse,
bloodlines shared,
flashbacks of the horse,
you can not fathom my realities,
listening to Fox News &
that damn Bill O’Reily
report about STATISTICS,
related to my extended family?
Oh, the fire in my chest,
the tears in my eyes,
wanting to go to the shoe shiner
for a gloss before my feet rise,
to the alter with millions
of young black men,
holding on to my many fibers,
as we pray,
getting harder to believe,
that the story will ever change,
and still,
I cherish you Brother.
I love and defend your future BROTHER,
I fear for your life as
I look into your eyes BROTHER.
I stand for your value NEVER being altered!
I can not be hypnotized against you despite history and
false facts BROTHER.
THIS Sista will march either way,
with daughter in hand
until I’m too old to stand,
then I will be rolled in my chair,
fist up half tassel BROTHER.
I got your back, forever. – DD Wright


Check out the episode of “Chat and Chew” on Poetic Soul Talk Show if you missed it this past Monday http://blogtalkradio.com/poetry2life. We discuss the issue of young men of color being murdered on a regular basis. It is a conversation that needs to be repeated. Please feel free to leave
thoughts, feedback, suggestions on the website or in the comments below. Thank you for your time and support.


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