Baby It’s Cold Outside by DD Wright


Streets made U cold,
guess that is how U became that way. Hustling to get that money
so that U wont fall prey,
as U pray
for another chance,
to stay away
from it all.
I feel U.

That light switch,
that U use with ease,
playing games,
professional tease,
won’t keep U warm at night &
although I know that U know that,
it seems the flick of your finger,
is preventing U from experiencing
the light
of possibility.
I could be wrong.

yet illusions of momentary warmth,
justified & shoo’d away as random,
weight in hindsight.
Never risking the pleasure
of ‘every night’,
simply because U know
it’s something U would like,
dare I say, love &
it takes a selfless Soldier
to give into that fight.
That’s not U.
Is it?

Too distant & afraid to be held
by what is real,
dusting it off your shoulders,
like it is concealed,
when it has been revealed &
U see it.
I hear U.

Could swim for days
in depth that U pontificate,
turn that ice into release
as U allow him to regurgitate
how could U do that?
U could be safe & warm,
but like nostalgia,
won’t let go of that raft
so U float.

Despite the intensity
or shallow minds that
cant fathom coolness
lying inside of the heat.
The breeze
dipping & dodging,
running then kissing
naked souls
like the summer
turning into October.
The Heat
always melts
what is
Cold. – DD Wright


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