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Fist Pump

Hello Bloggers and Followers,
  If you tuned in to “Fist Pump” on Poetic Soul last night, I would like to thank you personally! I do hope you enjoyed yourself and the extra inspirational aura that seemed to resonate throughout the show. Please remember to tune in next week for “Female-ism”. Poetic Soul will be on tje air every Thursday at 9pm EST. And yes men are welcome too lol.
  If you did not have a chance to listen in, please feel free to listen to it here:
The show is growing! There is a need for us poets to share our voices and to keep expression alive. I am not only speaking of amendments. I am speaking of a platform for the intellects of the world. We still exist 😉
  Please follow Poetic Soul Talk Show as well. Feel free to leave a message on the blogtalkradio website if you would like to be a guest.
  If you are interested in supporting this absolutely amazing concept of giving artists a place to share their gifts, feel free to make a “love donation” of any (& I mean any) denomination to ddpoetry on PayPal. All monies will go towards keeping Poetic Soul alive.
  Thank you in advance for your time and support. We (the artists) are truly grateful. 

DD Wright

Introducing “Poetic Soul ” Talk Show

Greetings Fellow Bloggers,

  Please join me as I have started a show that is dedicated to poetry and writers of this beautiful form of expression. “Poetic Soul ” Talk Show is an engaging source of both entertainment as well as inspiration for those who love to write poetry as well as those who love to read poems.
  Audience members are welcome to either log in or call in to listen or comment. Gain valuable resources to improve your craft and promote yourself as a writer. “Poetic Soul ” is for all of us as we need our voices to be heard and a platform to tickle our intellectual fancies.
  Please tune in every week on Thursdays at 9pm EST! For opportunities to be a guest, promote your business through very inexpensive promotions or to learn more, please leave a comment below. As with every productive venture, word of mouth is imperative. Feel free to repost this so that we may inspire a larger audience. Follow the show to hear past live recordings as well as to view uodates regarding Poetic Soul.
   I do look forward to hearing your voice soon!

DD Wright


Winter Wonderland


Please stop by, if possible, to enjoy wonderful performances, delicious food and of course, to support artists dedicated to their dreams. It is a free event. I will be there with copies of my first book of poetry, Poetry 2Life: Youth. Struggle. Love. as well as calendars for the New Year. Artists, painters and jewelry creators will also be there. It isn’t enough to simply ‘like’ art, it must be fed and nurtured. We need you. I do hope to see you there.

Where Are Those Who Love Spoken Word?

   Poetry, like prayer, has been around for centuries. It has uplifted people, inspired them and fortified their spirits. Yet, too often, does not receive due credit, rarely makes a best seller list & more frequently, is not supported.
  Thankful for social networks & self publishing companies, more poets are able to showcase their work! I am mighty proud, I have been able to invest in myself, while creating communities of individuals who believe in poetry.
  While reading, “Everything You Need To Know About Self-Publishing”, before I decided to publish my first book of poetry, “Poetry 2Life: Youth. Struggle. Love.”, I learned that poetry was the least sold genre. I wasn’t surprised. If I had listened to my accountant & perhaps the author, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to invest. I simply had to try.
  It is not the profit (or projected lack thereof), that bothered me. I give away so much more than I charge for. I do not expect awards or accolades. I am just a true lover of words, figurative language & the feeling that poetry gives me.
  This weekend, there will be a Poetry 2Life Open Mic produced by YellowTapeInc at Epiphany’s in Harlem. It is not solely about the copies of “Poetry 2Life”, that I will have available nor the 2014 inspirational calendars that will also be available for purchase.       It is about the new poets, first time to the stage artists that will be performing their pieces, bringing them to life! It is about the ambience of the crowd, a large room (with a bar & a band), filled with people who feel similarly to the way that I do. It is about Harlem, the city that I was born in & the rich history of where writers such as Langston Hughes got their start! And to top it all off, it is free to attend.
  I do hope you can make it. I know that you will not be disappointed! I also hope that you reblog this, share the link & encourage your friends to come with you. Until then, be blessed & DO hope to see you there.