RIP Forever Tupac Shakur 1971-1996

Today makes 18 years since Tupac Shakur passed away. Tune in to “Tupac Shakur Lives On” on Poetic Soul Talk Show by clicking the link below. Listen to interviews, his poetry and poetry written by poets who are  STILL inspired by him.

Tupac Lives On: A Dedication 09/08 by Poetic Soul | Poetry Podcasts


After Hours


**Special edition**
Please feel free to call in and share your seductive yet sophisticated poetry. All writers welcome. “After Hours “will be an opportunity for random poets to slam or read poetry written by them which personifies passion!
Please feel free to repost!  This is going to be an amazing show. We do hope to hear your voice, or at the very least, be entertained by those with a gift!

Virtual Napkins Introduces ” Poetic Soul “

  Please check out this interview conducted by Shane Wilson. This encompasses the purpose of “Poetic Soul” Talk Show and a bit about my journey as a self published author


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