Poem: Poetry 2Life: Youth. Struggle. Love.


This is a snippet of a poem found in new ebook,  ” Embracing: A Poetic Perspective

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Poetry by D.D. Wright

Some Say by DD Wright

Some say that I am a rose in the concrete,
coming through the ground with a tenacity,
That makes people stop and stare at me
but that is not important.

Some say I think too deep,
that I am a rare commodity because most do not see what I see


but that does not worry me.
I make my mother proud
was raised to be unique
and I am.

Some have seen parts of me
that obviously remain discreet
and I do not mean sexually.
I mean the times when my passion becomes hot lava like fire
and I express it with profanity passionately
followed by asking God to forgive me.
I try not to hurt anyone intentionally.
I must speak sometimes
just to let folks know that I can.

Some have hurt me, my vision, my core,
they have taken my good deeds for granted and believe I should give more.
I laugh and cry simultaneously a wise aunt once said, “let God deal with reciprocity
and she was correct”.
Ask those folk when was the last time they saw me
yet they will never forget

Some see me,
high heels, well kept
assume that my belongings
are not legit.

Some say “she has it made”  happy and educated,
assume I am a trust fund baby
that I did not earn my stripes,
think I am a youngin and ignorant as the night
yet they do not know me.
I refuse to share my story.

In the bigger scheme of things
what some say
is just not important. Embracing: A Poetic Perspective

I Love Me

I don’t have to throw up fascades about who I used to be or
Who lives within me currently
Because despite the roads I maneuvered by the hair on my chinny chin chin,
I have arrived, fully wise, learned lessons to appropriate my Yin &
I love me.
I love the fact that I am sensitive & will flip on the strength
Of not being treated fairly,
Even if some don’t agree.
I love the fact that I feel things passionately,
Even if some think I think irrationally,
I don’t really care.
I love myself with no make up, hair undone & trying to figure out how to carry the load on my back.
I love myself alone & sometimes waiting for a hug,
To fill that minute void of the affection that I temporarily loathe that I lack.
I have experienced life with a lack of love for self so deep,
Had me contemplating how to jump the steep,
Into the impossibility
Of ever being able to receive
It even from myself
Although I was never courageous enough
To rob myself.
I love me &
All of my quirky imperfections
Which make me beautifully
I love the thought of someone loving me like I love me,
Watching my gift as they learn
About my history
Of when self love was my deficiency &
how it came to be “pre” encountering me.
With all that life seems to have taken away or
Stored for another day,
I love what it has delivered in my life to stay &
That is the love I have for my sway.
I love the fact that poetry has given me more to believe,
The way it has enveloped all that I conceive &
The way those who should,
Feel that I am too deep.
I love the fact that people don’t know how I do what I do,
For me, with me & surprisingly,
Without missing a beat.
The fact that money does not define my core &
That I don’t have to drop it like its hot to get more
Of absolutely nothing.
I love me &
That journey
Continues to be,
My epitome.
Removing toxic waste
That I used to hold on to,
Just to save face &
Replaced it with faith in the Man that made me
To never settle for being less than a Queen.
I love the fact that my vocabulary
Will allow me to toss profanity
In someone’s face without them ever knowing, I did it intentionally.
That is the weapon I feel was given to me
To protect me &
Gift to prove that yes,
I love me,
Even if that is wrong &
I appear to be mean.
I love the fact that I pray my way through those that prey on me or
That my true beauty
Is often unseen
Until I am removed from the scene,
Making me an everlasting part of a memory
That wasn’t worth my energy
Even if I thought so.
Invincibility has grown to be
A part of this path unknowingly.
Choosing to lather my soul with completion & standards higher than the heels on some bad ass shoes that I see,
Means that I may be the only one that ever loves me unconditionally
But isn’t that better than not loving me at all?
Not to say that I can’t fall or
Tears won’t fall
But my convictions won’t let me stand un-tall
In the midst of my most lonely hall
Because I love myself,
That is all. -DD Wright


Where is he?
Been looking all over for him &
he seems to be missing.
He just cant be…
gone are the days when he played horseback with his kids,
put on his boxing gloves to show his son how to stand upright & fight like he lives…
He is missing & needs to be found,
last heard listening to the sounds of the O’Jays & seen giving brothers pounds…
This man, gave love to his wife & remained loyal thru the rain,
carried the globe &
demolished Jim Crow,
went to church to kneel & pray,
cried in his heart, yet smiled every day.
Now he is no longer here &
our communities grieve,
so much that they need guns & drugs to believe
that he never existed.
Where the hell did he go?
He used to open car doors & carry groceries you know?
He didn’t have bands but plowed lands to feed the youth more than they could sow &
he’s missing from our eyes yet has us on a mission.
Living & singing in our hearts decisions…
We carry him with broken hearts &
backs & souls…
One day he will return, even if he doesn’t, we have all learned
to simply have faith in the fact
that his absence is not permanent. -DD Wright


It is therapy for me
to make the pen dance melodies
across an otherwise bleek
piece of paper.
To create words that don’t exist
because I WANT TO is simply bliss or
to write about that crush that I want to kiss
in the third person as if it is a wish
of a young girl around 16-ish
can only be done in poetic form.

I can curse out my best friend or
ask God to let me into Heaven or
bunji jump off of clouds at night and
wake up flying a kite around the sunshine,
because I am the author of the masterpiece and
to me it is the best pain killer for reality.
It is MY therapy!

I can honor those who I loved so much
or degrade them to an anesthetic touch
just because
they pissed me OFF!
I can lay down and write haikus all day
about the rain personified or
the clarity of the water in the bay.
I can use words that those around me do not understand or
think with my pen in my mouth and
his heart in my hand or
vice versa or
write about sitting all day
while I stand.
I create a magical landscape
with a concrete jungle back drop or
sing a capella songs in hip hop.
It is my THERAPY!
And I can re-create my life
by myself
and fully certified.
Thank GOD for it.

Copyrighted by D.D. Wright @2012