RIP Forever Tupac Shakur 1971-1996

Today makes 18 years since Tupac Shakur passed away. Tune in to “Tupac Shakur Lives On” on Poetic Soul Talk Show by clicking the link below. Listen to interviews, his poetry and poetry written by poets who are  STILL inspired by him.

Tupac Lives On: A Dedication 09/08 by Poetic Soul | Poetry Podcasts


Where Are Those Who Love Spoken Word?

   Poetry, like prayer, has been around for centuries. It has uplifted people, inspired them and fortified their spirits. Yet, too often, does not receive due credit, rarely makes a best seller list & more frequently, is not supported.
  Thankful for social networks & self publishing companies, more poets are able to showcase their work! I am mighty proud, I have been able to invest in myself, while creating communities of individuals who believe in poetry.
  While reading, “Everything You Need To Know About Self-Publishing”, before I decided to publish my first book of poetry, “Poetry 2Life: Youth. Struggle. Love.”, I learned that poetry was the least sold genre. I wasn’t surprised. If I had listened to my accountant & perhaps the author, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to invest. I simply had to try.
  It is not the profit (or projected lack thereof), that bothered me. I give away so much more than I charge for. I do not expect awards or accolades. I am just a true lover of words, figurative language & the feeling that poetry gives me.
  This weekend, there will be a Poetry 2Life Open Mic produced by YellowTapeInc at Epiphany’s in Harlem. It is not solely about the copies of “Poetry 2Life”, that I will have available nor the 2014 inspirational calendars that will also be available for purchase.       It is about the new poets, first time to the stage artists that will be performing their pieces, bringing them to life! It is about the ambience of the crowd, a large room (with a bar & a band), filled with people who feel similarly to the way that I do. It is about Harlem, the city that I was born in & the rich history of where writers such as Langston Hughes got their start! And to top it all off, it is free to attend.
  I do hope you can make it. I know that you will not be disappointed! I also hope that you reblog this, share the link & encourage your friends to come with you. Until then, be blessed & DO hope to see you there.


Poetry 2Life Celebration


Dear Blog Followers,
  It has been a year since I published my first book of poetry, Poetry 2Life: Youth. Struggle. Love. It has been a journey filled with joy and disappointments however, never one I regretted.
  On October 5th, I will be celebrating this accomplishment. Many of those who will be there are those who took a chance by investing in my gift, without ever meeting me face to face. Others will be in attendance, simply because they enjoy the spoken word. Either way, everyone will be there to support the gift.
  It is free. There will be other poets performing, bringing their poems to life. This will be my first time slamming a selected few poems from the book, since I published.
  Raffle tickets will be sold to win an autographed hard cover copy of Poetry 2Life in addition to an Amazon gift card. There will be copies of Poetry 2Life, calendars & poetry boards available for purchase. Happy Hour will be extended to 3 hours & there will be a lot of laughter in the room plus a cupcake for everyone who attends ♥
  I not only hope to see you there, I hope that all are blessed to be able to celebrate their gifts!
D.D. Wright