An Extra Step

Do not just chase dreams, catch them! Do not just hold on to them, grow them until they are your legacy. – DD Wright



This world is in an uproar. However unstable it is, there is always a way to keep one’s head above water. I believe prayer and poetry keep me level headed. What works for you? Please share. I would like to get to know those who have subscribed to my blog a little better 😉 Wishing you armor against the storms of life either way.

Poet Jae

Jae is a poet that will be slamming at the Poetry 2Life Celebration this coming Saturday (see last post for details). Although no stranger to the pen, Jae is enjoying slamming again after a brief hiatus. Her pen marks reflect the spirit & her words will touch yours. You can follow her on Twitter @jaerael or IG @zuri25. Come and hear her words.  Support poetry.


Introducing Mz. Luvlii


  Mz. Luvlii is no stranger to poetry. She has been writing for a long time. She looks forward to publishing a book of poetry in the near future. In addition to writing, she uses her creativity to design beautiful jewelry. She is one of the “dope” artists that will be performing at the Poetry 2Life Celebration this coming Saturday! Please support her and her gift! 
  Follow her on Instagram @thee_luvlii1 and read her words on her blog. You will not be disappointed.